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Have You Ever

For loved ones who have lost their mothers too soon.

Have you ever seen the home

of a mother gone too soon

her children dressed in mourning

wandering room to room.

Have you ever watched their eyes

how they cast upon the earth

broken by the torment

of their endless search for her.

Have you ever heard the fear

that seeps out of their words

as they ask you to be quiet

with stories that now hurt.

Have you ever laid your hands

upon her books or scarves or hats

and felt them wince with pain

that she’s never coming back.

Have you ever turned a corner

not knowing they were there

sobbing beneath her blankets

covered in despair.

Have you ever felt like nothing

beside this wrenching loss

because no matter what you do

their mother will still be gone.

“But she’s inside,” you try to say

in your blood and bones forever.

You will not once walk without her.

Have you ever?

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