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joY Yoga

If you've been to a joY Yoga class you know that EVERY single class begins and ends with a "meditation," words crafted especially for you, by me. So often people ask for these to be posted here so they can share them with others and that is a great honor. Thank you.

Here are the two written for and read at this morning's class. EnjoY!

Beginning of Class


Have you ever felt completely trapped by a certain situation, felt that you have no way out, no choices, no answer?

Consider this:

Maybe you are not trapped so much as you are being held.

Maybe your life circumstances are gently holding you in one place, giving you the opportunity to truly take pause, open your eyes and your heart to what is happening so that you are fully present in your own life. With this, you have the time and clarity to take a deep cleansing breath before

moving on

moving away

moving around

moving through what you do not want!

You are NEVER really trapped.

You are in the arms of life, waiting for your next chance.

You are being held.

End of Class

The Arrow

(inspired by a quote from unknown author)

We all know this truth:

...that an arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward.

This can be true in your life too.

Sometimes, the only way to move forward, to shoot more joyfully though life, is to pull back a bit first.

You may do this purposely or life may just sort of do it for you. It may seem to drag you back with struggles, sorrow, uncertainty . . . but like the arrow, you just keep aiming forward.

Just keep aiming forward, because when you are pulled back you have even more room ahead of you, more space to look and listen and learn and breathe.

When you are pulled back, you have more room for life to launch you into greatness - just like the arrow!

Jeannette Maloy

joY Yoga


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