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You hear all the time that to live a life of joY you have to let go, let go of things that do not feed your happiness. It's true, but it can seem so impossible too. It can seem like you are being asked to ignore things that can't be ignored, deny things that can't be denied.

It isn't ignoring.

It isn't denying.

It is changing your focus, your expectation.

If your car breaks down on the side of the road and simply will not restart, will you get out screamimg and kicking and punching and expecting it to start back up again just because of your desire for it to run? Will you get behind the car and push it or pull it, expecting that you can change how much heavier it is than you are? Will you beg or plead with the car? Will you make demands?

No. You understand that these things will not start the car. These things will not get you home.

Instead, you will open the hood and look inside. You'll try to figure out how you can fix what isn't working and if you can't find it, you'll make a phone call or start walking or wave your arms at another driver. You will turn your attention away from the broken down car and all of your disappointment and onto something that moves you forward, brings you closer to joY, not something that keeps you stuck and broken.

You won't ignore or deny. You will just change your focus, your expectation . . .

. . . and in so doing, you will find your way home.


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