The joY Mindfulness Academy for Kids

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Mindfulness is a purposeful awareness of the present moment.  

It arises by learning to pay close and careful attention to what is happening

right now and to fully notice and appreciate how we think and feel about that.  

Mindfulness teaches us to pause and take time before  speaking or acting.


Take time before speaking or acting.

 Mindfulness also offers us tools for harnessing self-compassion and compassion for others

so that we can make choices that  are mutually beneficial. 

Consistent practice of mindfulness is proven to improve physical and mental health.

It allows us to develop habits of thinking, speaking and acting that elevate 

our self-esteem and our relationships with others.  

In addition, we improve our capacity for learning and our ability to be productive, caring

and solution-based citizens of this ever changing, complicated and beautiful world!

Mindfulness starts with our children.

Week One:        Introduction to Mindfulness  through Body and Breath  *  Date

Week Two:       Mindfulness of our Emotions and Those of Others  *  Date

Week Three:    Mindfulness of our Health and Physical Selves  *  Date

Week Four:       Mindfulness of the Earth and Nature  *  Date

Week Five:       Mindfulness of Abundance and Gratitude  *  Date

Week Six:          Bringing it All Together  *  Date

Each 2 hour Session Includes:

-20/30 minute gentle joY Yoga practice

with guided meditation and visualization

-music and aromatherapy

-outdoor time


-activities, games, performances (skits, musical acts, etc.) 

-partner and group sharing/discussion

-other activities/events as needs arise

Ages welcome:

Minimum  Age:  



Maximum Age:



Click the link below to pay now or contact Jeannette

at for cash or check payment.

$150 for 6 weeks