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Worth Believing

Have you ever heard the quote: "Seeing is believing?"

Well, the truth is. It's not.

Instead, "Believing is seeing."

What you already think is true - of yourself, of others, of the world - is probably exactly what you will see.

Think about this.

Look at it in your life.

It's true.

Believing is seeing and this means that if you want to see things differently, in a way that creates more joY, you have to believe things differently.

Surely, this isn't going to be easy and it isn't going to happen right away. In fact, it can be very challenging and it can take a lot of time. What's more, it doesn' mean that you lie to yourself, that you pretend to believe things you really don't. That will never work. You believe what you believe.

Instead, it means that you genuinely and with your whole self, attempt to shift your thinking, the bleliefs that do not serve you and your happiness. You do it again and again, every day if you have to. You do this over and over until they have shifted completely out of your line of vision.

Then, you replace them with thoughts that lead you to . . .

seeing things that are worth believing!


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