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Jeannette Maloy


Elementary School Teacher                                    24 years

Practicing Mindfulness                                            18 years

Registered Yoga Instructor                                      11 years

Owner Operator of joY                                             10 years

Mindfulness Trainer for Schools                              8 years

Certified Reiki Practitioner                                        7 years

Mindfulness/Meditation/Yoga Training      est: 500 hours        

Welcome to joY!  
My name is Jeannette Maloy and I am so happy you are here.
Why?  It's simple. 
The Mindfulness practices I want to share with you, either as educational staff or private guests, sincerely have the ability to bring great peace, healing, awareness and joY to the lives of those who engage in them, and then - to the lives of those we touch. Can you imagine if everyone was engaging in peace and healing and awareness and joY on a regular basis? Can you allow yourself to see the life that could create for all of us? 

As an elementary classroom teacher for twenty-two years, I have a deep understanding of the particular challenges and even heartache of our educational staff, and know that I can bring you courses and practices that will assist you in taking care of yourselves so that you can better take care of our children.

For our guests outside of the school district setting, my years of Mindfulness practice and my own burdens in this human experience, offer me the tools to assist you in your self-care and help you navigate these challenging times with some more ease.

Make no mistake though, this is not a panacea and it doesn't happen overnight and most times, even after it happens, it can stop happening for a while too.  That's life.  joY can sometimes ebb and flow, but is meant to flow.  
I want to be clear though, I practice. I am not without my own struggles and flaws. I know a lot of things about these Mindfulness practices and have practiced for many years and have taken a lot of formal training and still practice daily myself, but I will never be done learning and growing. Everything I'm offering you gives me an opportunity to share, but also to deepen my own practice. I am here to guide you, but I don't pretend to give you anything you don't already have. You joYn me instead, so that we can help each other!
I hope to see you soon.
Translation: The light in me sees and honors the light in you.
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