Jeannette Maloy, RYT


COVID 19 brings some unique challenges to joY. For details on how we can still practice together, see pages here, or contact me for more clear details.  We can make it work!

Welcome to joY!  
My name is Jeannette Maloy (hey, that rhymes with joY!) and I am so happy you are reading this.  I also hope that if we have not yet met on a Yoga mat or a Meditation pillow or a Reiki space , we will in the very near future.  I truly, truly hope so.  
Why?  It's simple.  
I believe that these Mindfulness practices bring great peace, healing and joY to the lives of those who engage in them, and then - to the lives of those they touch. It doesn't happen overnight and sometimes, even after it happens, it stops happening for a while.  That's life.  joY can sometimes ebb and flow, but flows.  
Are you thinking: "What?  How can Yoga and Meditation and Reiki bring me joY?  Yoga is exercise and Meditation is boring and Reiki is just plain weird." 
Contact me (see contact joY), read my blog (joY blog) and check out more of this website. Then, maybe come find me and we'll find joY together.  
I hope to see you soon.
Translation: The light in me sees and honors the light in you.

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