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July 19

Session Limited to

Four People 

10:00am - 12:10pm

Canandaigua NY

The world is hurting right now.

We need to come together in community 

and help each other restore some wellness.

Please joYn us!


Arrival  10:00

-Please joYn us promptly at 10:00.

-Wear a mask as you arrive and/or

please practice social distancing.

-We will take a few minutes to get 

settled in places socially distant from 

one another, and masks will not be 

required once we are settled. 


Restorative Practice  10:10 - 11:10

-For this hour we will share time answering

out loud some questions about who we are,

what we want and how we might bring more 


to ourselves, our families, our communities


-Conversation and feedback will be encouraged

as participants answer meaningful and personal

questions designed to restore wellness in our  

own hearts, the hearts of those sharing this time

with us....and beyond!


Yoga For Releasing Pain  11:10 - 11:30

-We will take part in a brief Yoga flow that is

designed to release pain in the body, mind, 

heart and spirit.

-NO Yoga experience is needed and you will 

be encouraged to modify any movement as

you need to, honoring your own body!


Restorative Meditation  11:30 - 11:40

-You will take part in a seated and guided

meditation designed to help you notice

your own body, mind, heart and spirit. 


Savasana with Reiki Healing  11:40 - 12:10

-At this time we will wear masks again.

-You will be resting comfortably on your back

with gentle music playing and pillows and 

blankets if you would like to bring them to 

enhance your comfort.

-As you rest, I will be moving around the room,

administering Reiki Energy Healing to you.

-If you are unfamiliar with this healing practice,

please see the section tiled "Reiki" under the

"More joY" tab on this site. Or contact me! 

-This will be a beautiful and restorative time.



 What else?

We will have

fresh water and lemon

available for you

throughout our retreat.


Wear layered clothing in case you

get hotter or colder at times.


Guests must be paid in full

prior to our retreat.

The retreat cost is $30.


If you have a joY balance, 

we can use that!

Text or email Jeannette

to confirm your spot if 

you are using a joY Balance.


To send cash or check

contact Jeannette

for address.

Checks made out to:



For an Online Payment

Click below:

Contact Jeannette any time:

585 770 4439











Please Note: For Restorative Retreat 

If you must cancel on or before July 12 (for July 19 Retreat), we will hold 100% of your purchase as a joY balance for ANY future service or event with joY.  

If you must cancel after July 12, we will hold 50% of your purchase as a joY balance for ANY future service or event with joY.

“Some words are simply too profound

to remain unsaid."

– Unknown


Sold Out.

Thank you!

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