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Throughout India - daya, shishtata, kripa, sabhyata......all mean one word, a word too important perhaps for only one spoken form.

They mean grace.

Grace, many believe, is a divine quality and certainly it must be, or more of us would have it and hold it and share it. Instead, it is difficult to find and even harder to keep.

Grace is elegance, refinement and poise. It is breath and movement and words full with virtue.

Grace is to honor, to give dignity....and to collect those things from others too, without asking.

Grace allows us to walk away, but with good intentions - for ourselves and for those we leave behind.

Grace is mercy, blessings, compassion, forgiveness.

Grace is loving when it is not easy or deserved.

Grace is a greater good, a higher power.

We can come to every situation in our lives with resistance, judgement and fear, or we can enter those same circumstances with poise, compassion and love . . . then watch how those situations transform.

They transform not becuase you gave up or gave in, but because you gave grace.

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