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Mindfulness can be defined in many ways and is nuanced and layered, but perhaps the simplest, most fundamental definition is this:

Mindfulness is the ability to notice our thoughts and feelings in the present moment and to pause (and breathe) with them before speaking or acting.  In this pause, Mindfulness gives us the opportunity to choose what we will think or do or say so that maybe we can choose thoughts and actions and words that bring more peace and more . . .



Yoga is known as a mental and spiritual practice that uses asanas (poses) and flowing, invigorating movements, or gentle more relaxing ones, to give your mind and soul places within the body to focus in an attempt to bring you overall wellness.  Does this sound complicated?  

It's not.  


joYn us and you will find that as you move your body, your thoughts and feelings will move with it and everything will become more connected. Practicing Yoga with joY offers greater awareness, harmony, relaxation, peace and physical capability.  

It offers you a place for Mindfulness, 

the ability to notice your thoughts and feelings in the present moment and to pause and breathe with them.


While the physical work of Yoga is not supposed to be the primary intention of this ancient practice, there is no denying its proven benefits. You don't have to take it from us though.  Look all over to find testimony and studies time and time again proving that Yoga offers:


-recognizeable strength and flexibility 

-improved balance and posture

-greater bone health

-decreased blood pressure

-improved circulation

-increased metabolism

-cellular renewal (needed for healing)

-reduced pain 


This isn't the end of the list either. The benefits to your body go on and on and vary from person to person. What's more, you can joYn us as someone who is physically fit or not.  You will still be able to practice with joY and your unique abilities will be respected and nurtured as you grow and change in your practice.


Regardless of your Yoga experience, you'll be welcomed as an immediate member of our Yoga community and no doubt feel improved levels of confidence, body awareness, mental stability and overall health.


If you still wonder if Yoga is for you, if it will bring you what you crave for your body, your mind and your spirit, you need only ask yourself one question . . . and if the answer is yes - Yoga is for you.


Do you want joY?


Meditation is a beautiful practice designed to bring more Mindfulness to your everyday life.  This ancient mental and spiritual technique invites you to find a kind of quiet and stillness we cannot often find in the pace of our days (until we've meditated enough!).  It allows you a space to more easily notice your thoughts and breathe with them, but not get carried away by them. Meditation provides the pause that is needed to find more intention and more meaning in this life.  And that leads surely to more . . . 



Reiki is an amazing energy therapy that offers powerful rest and healing so that we are more likely to move through the world connected and Mindful.  Please find a separate page called Reiki for more about this ancient mind and body practice. 






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