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Do you see me?

This is a story not many may want to read.

That's OK. It still needed to be written.

Do you see me?

If you could see me as who I am

I know this is not what you’d do.

But they hide me away

keep quiet my screams

so you won’t know the truth.

You won’t know I’m a heart and soul

or fear for that blood on your plate.

I knew how to love.

I learned to be scared.

I tried to run away.

….tried to run, with nowhere to go

because we cannot save ourselves.

Only you can do that

and we ask and we wait

but still nobody helps.

Still nobody ever stands firm

and demands our anguish must end.

So we live long enough

to fatten us up

and then we are put to our deaths.

We have to die to fill up your plates

but at least our begging is done.

Do you taste our pain

in every bite

think of what you have won?

What do you see at the end of the fork?

There’s more there than just some meat.

There’s a life that was hard.

We were tortured for food.

Do you see? Do you see me?

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