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Hard to Love

In each of us there is something,

maybe more than just something,

that makes us hard to love.

Perhaps you are always late or you have a quick temper.

Are you a bit unreliable, demanding or disorganized?

Maybe you are too particular or always uncertain, not sensitive enough.

Do you spend too much or yell or cry or insist?

Perhaps, if you know that certain qualities in you

really diminish the quality in your life,

you can work to change them.

Maybe you can become a little easier, softer, a little more or a little less,

whatever it is you need to create the relationships you want to have.

Maybe these changes would make life more full, more joyous . . . easier to love.

OR, maybe, you are happy just as you are and changing

would only be easier for others - and not for you!

Maybe you should just accept who you are, how you're made, your truth,

and not apologize for it because maybe . . . it is no less you than your eye color,

the shape of you nose, your shoe size . . . constant, unchanging, not to be judged.

Maybe there is no shame in being flawed, imperfect, not so easy.

Maybe you are still worth it even if . . .

You are hard to love.

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