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You Already Do

Oh my God.

I've been doing it all wrong . . . . .

. . . . . which is all RIGHT because now I know what it feels like

to do it all wrong and it feels that much better to be

moving toward what feels right.

Here is what I know, but they are not my words.

They are the words of many, rolled into one.

"It's not your work to MAKE anything happen.

It's your work to dream it and LET it happen.

With joY, you create something, and then you continue

to feel harmony with it, to love it, to hold it,

to only feel good about it . . . and . . .

it will continue coming to you.

There is no place for worry

or fear or false pride or

disappointment or

ideas about success.

There is only a place for gratitude,

for love and harmony and joY.

If you make room for only these things

then how can you have anything else?

You will have what you want.

In fact, just by thinking it, you already do."

Jeannette Maloy

joY Yoga

-with gratitude to Erin Whiting at

Soleil Wellness

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