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I Don't Have A Story

Another Sunday Story:

"No, really. I don't have any stories to tell you."

"Yes you do. Come on."

"I don't."

"What about your divorce? I could write about that."

"There is nothing special about my divorce. Everyone gets divorced."

"That's the point. That's what's special."

She's quiet then and I wait.

"No. Find somebody else."

"OK, how about something about raising the kids by yourself."

"Oh right because everyone's not doing that either."

"Not EVERYONE is doing that, but people will relate to you. That's the whole point."

"There's no story here OK? Find somebody more interesting."

I wait. I give her more time, but she doesn't seem to have more to say.

"What makes you interesting," I tell her, "is that your story IS a lot like other stories. It doesn't matter that it isn't completely unique to you. What matters is that YOU tell it. It'll have your voice, your own nuances that others will connect to. That's the whole point of this."

She's quiet again and again I wait. She looks away from me and she looks away from herself and she just looks away.

"I appreciate that," she tells me finally, "but I don't have a story."

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