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Rumi, a theologian and spiritual leader said:

"A wound is the place where light enters you,

and anything you grieve comes back to you in another form."

Try to bring these ideas to your awareness when you need to heal, when you are hurting. Whether it is your body, your mind or your spirit, know that they are all connected . . . and one is really not well if another is still sick.

So, focus not on the wound, but on the healing. Honor and accept your pain, but try not to fight it. Go in the direction of the light instead, in the direction of healing.

If a friendship has broken your heart,

focus instead on the ones that nurture your soul.

If a job you wanted cannot be yours,

try not to lament over what you think you have lost.

If a pain or illness threatens your health,

give attention to all that your body can still do.

When you are hurting, look in another direction and maybe something wonderful will be there, something you will not see if your eyes are filled with tears.

Make room for the light to enter . . . to brighten your path,

to warm your heart, to feed your body and soul.

Then - make room for all of the joY that comes from healing.

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