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Have you ever wanted something in your life, but you weren't exactly sure how to get it? Or, maybe you did know how to get it, but that process wasn't working?

Either way - did you find yourself struggling and fighting and worrying and questioning and . . . searching?

Why would you want something that makes you act and feel in ways that don't bring joY? Struggling is not joY. Neither is fighting or worrying or questioning.

Searching really isn't joY either, though it sometimes sounds lovely.

Searching though, is often exactly what leads to the others:

the struggle, the fight, the worry, the questions.

Do you know where the joY really is?

The joY is in receiving.

I know this. I have known it for a long time. But more often . . . I forget.

Luckily - a wise and thoughtful friend just reminded me of this two nights ago.

Just be ready to receive.

(Thank you Elise Hughey)

It's not easy to understand and even harder, maybe, to actually do . . . to simply take the attention off of the search and just focus on receiving what you want.

This doesn't mean that you quit. How can you receive what you want if you quit?

This means that you do what you think you need to do, but at all times you believe that you will have what you want or mabye - that you already do! Even more importantly, you believe in joY. So - if what you are receiving right now is struggle and fight and worry and questions - it is not for you.

The search is not for you.

joY is for you.

Receive it.

Jeannette Maloy

joY Yoga

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