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The Top Three Reasons I WAS Scared to Teach Crow in a Class:

I wasn't sure I'm even good enough at it yet.

I don't hold it very long and I want to hold it a lot longer,

long enough to be considered good in front of those who attend my class.

What IS good enough anyway? Isn't that up to each person? Yes, I think it is.

So, I decided that I'm good enough.....and I taught it.

I'm working to not be afraid in front of my students

and now I am a lot less afraid.

I've decided that they will probably forgive me when I mess up

and be grateful that I've still got so much to learn too.

They are not the only ones.

So - I taught Crow and trusted myself.

I didn't want anyone to get hurt on my watch.

Crow requires a lot of strength and it can be hard

on a lot of body parts, including the fragile wrists.

Rarely does anyone make it into crow on the first or even tenth try.

This was a first for many who join me for joY on Monday nights.

What if someone falls and gets hurt because they did too much?

I don't want anyone to get hurt in Yoga.

What if they even decide to blame this on me? Uh oh.

Bull! I trust the amazing people who come to my class.

I trust them to know their limits and I trust them to know mine.

So - I taught Crow and trusted those who practice with me..

I didn't want to lose control of the class.

I love the zone we get in during Yoga. It becomes like a beautiful dance.

It's generally uninterrupted and flows like a well-oiled machine.

Crow can be disruptive. It can create a lot of interaction. It pauses the glorious flow.

Well, here's what I hoped I would find tonight, and I did:

Sometimes disruption is pretty glorious!

Working on something like Crow together changes the energy,

not making it better or worse, just different, new, exciting, challenging.

Change can be so darn good.

So - I taught Crow and trusted change.

Let go of your ego.

Let go of your fear.

Let go of your control.

.....and FLY!

Jeannette Maloy

joY Yoga

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