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Happy Birthday

I have a new friend who feels like an old friend, like someone I have known for a long, long time. I haven't though. I have known her for less than two years and loved her for about one.

Tomorrow is her birthday. She is such a new friend that I just realized this a couple of hours ago. I haven't had enough years to commit her birthday to memory. This is how new our friendship is, but want to know how old it is?

She has the key to my house. She comes here when I'm not home.

I go to hers when she's gone too. We trust eachother with our homes.....

....and with our hearts.

She lost her mother last year. I wrote something for her and she read it at her mom's funeral. Friends share their hearts and it doesn't always take years to get to this. Thank goodness.

We've laughed so many times I can't count them. She gets me. I get her too. We still have things to learn and we might even have bumpy roads some day, but mostly:

We laugh.

She asks me all the time how I am, all the time. I ask her too. I really care how she is and I want her to be so happy. I have no doubt that she feels the same because she literally rejoices when I feel joY.

When I'm not happy she tries to help me fix that. I do the same for her. It is so amazing when a friend truly desires for you to be happy.

I could go on. I won't. She knows. Some things about friendship just can't be spoken.

You know too. You have friends you love and you know what it is like. You have friends who love you. You know what that is like too. It's like air.

Some of the people reading this right now are people I could also write about. Some of you are very new friends too, but very true friends nonetheless. Some of you have been in my life for a long time, some for even longer. You have another piece of my heart. You have the part with "history" written on it. Thank you.

When you have friends, every day is like a birthday.

Happy day you were born Trish Russo Wager.

Jeannette Maloy

joY Yoga

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