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I Do

It has been said that perhaps the longest, most complex, most important statement you can make is quite simply: I do.

With only these two tiny words, entire lives lives can be joined and it seems so easy, as most things do in the beginning.

So, when it is not so easy, try to remember the feelings, the sounds, the sights and smells of those first moments....when you said, "I do."

Try to remember during the times after, when the music has ended, the flowers have died, the cake is not so sweet. Know that this is a marriage and not just the wedding, life and not just a special occasion. Know with certainty that every journey of love is work.

So - when you find yourself in the middle of it, remember the words of Plato: “Be kind, for we are all fighting a hard battle.”

As much as possible, remember this in all of your unions, not just husbands and wives, but in friendships, with siblings, between mothers and children . . . in every relationship: We are all fighting a hard battle, but we can make it easier, softer, more loving, by giving our kindness and understanding to everyone in our lives, by always leaving them better than before they met us and by realizing that in any situation:

If you have to choose between being right or being kind, chose being kind....and you will always be right!

Jeannette Maloy



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