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Ardha Chandrasana......Balancing Half Moon Pose!

I absolutely positively without a doubt love this pose.

Even when I can't nail it - I love it.

Even when my foot turns in to help me balance, which isn't really proper alignment for the pose and I know it, I still love it.

Even when I don't get into it on the first try - I love it.

Even when I fall out before I want to - I love it.

Even when one side is inferior to the other - I love it.

It doesn't matter what goes wrong with Balancing Half Moon. I still love it every single time.

I wish life were more like that....more like Balancing Half Moon. I wish no matter what I still loved it. Every. Single. Time.

My beautiful friend and fellow Yoga Teacher Trish Russo Wager said of this pose: "It's like shining."

Yes. That's why I love Ardha Chandrasana. It's like shining!

I'm going to try to feel that way more often about life in general....that it's like shining.

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