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A short time ago, I had a conversation with a friend and after, as she wiped at tears, she laughed and said: “Wow, this would make a really great blog post wouldn’t it?”


Why is it that we stay so LONG with things that fall so SHORT? Why?

You may do this in your work or in some other area of your life, but what my friend and I were talking about was when we do this in relationships.

How many of us have stayed with someone, even when we realized (and for a looooong time after we realized) that our stories weren’t on the same page? We do it all the time and it is not because we have accepted that our stories aren’t on the same page - no! We do not accept this, but actually try to rewrite the stories to make them fit. We resist the truth by creating new titles, altered chapters, a clever plot twist. We resist what everyone watching the movie version knows, and what we probably know ourselves . . . but still we resist. Why? We are scared I guess. The list of what we are scared of is too long to go into here but mostly:

We are scared of ourselves.

Your fear will make you do many things, but ultimately it is all resistance and resistance comes from fear and fear makes you resist and so on and so on. Sadly, that which is done out of fear is never real and your story has to be true. You deserve that. Fiction just doesn’t sell anyway.

You have a right to your story and that other person has a right to his/hers. You simply cannot write your story on someone else's pages.

If they aren’t the same, that doesn’t mean your story ends. It just means the characters will have to change. Maybe it will be just you for a while. Why not? Work on you. Character development is an important attribute to any good story. Develop yours.

Eventually, its seems very likely that you will find someone who doesn’t fall short, or maybe the job that doesn’t fall short or the friend or whatever it is you are trying to make fit into the pages of your story. You can’t MAKE anything fit and as soon as you stop thinking you can - you will find fresh ink right beside you and the sweetest story will emerge. It will be . . .


The End.

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