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Slow Down

I have found myself sitting across from many loved ones lately who have said something like this:

Do you ever feel like you have lost complete control of your household, your finances, your kids, your health, your dreams, your peace, your joY?

Next, do you fear you will simply lose your mind?

Good. That's exactly what you need to lose....your mind.

If you can let go of your thoughts long enough to listen to something else, you will be so much more able to reclaim your place in your own life.

Listen to your heart.

Listen to your body.

Are they telling you that you are tired? Get more rest. Nobody cares how, just get it. You deserve strength and you cannot be strong if you are tired. Being tired weakens you.

Are they telling you that you are worried? Stay present. You deserve confidence and you cannot be confident if you are not in the moment. Being worried holds you prisoner someplace else.

Are they telling you that there is just too much: too much arguing, too much spending, too much driving, too much planning, too much, too much, too much! Simplify. You deserve peace and peace cannot find room among chaos. Chaos takes up too much space.

Are they telling you that you've lost yourself while you were busy leading others? Find your way back. Start looking right now because you deserve to be seen and nobody needs you as much as YOU do!

We could talk on and on about what we need and aren't getting. Let's not.

Just slow down and listen to the beat of your own heart. It has a rhythm. You don't need to go any faster than that.

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