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Frigaroni joY

So those of you who know me know I love the word frigaroni. I got it from my mom. She's been saying it since I was about 10, mostly to avoid saying the F word, which didn't work out well because she says the F word more than anyone I know and has been saying it since before I was born, while I was being born, for my entire childhood and she's still saying it now.

So, we've established the history of the F word in my life and surely you realize that frigaroni is basically a replacement for it.....and just sounds better, gentler.

Like its predecessor the F word, frigaroni can be used to express negative or positive emotion and still it somehow works. Like you could say: "This frigaroni Yoga mat sucks (very counter-intuitive but what Yogi hasn't said it?)."

However, you could also say: "I frigaroni love this Yoga mat."

You get it. Better. Gentler.

So today, unexpectedly, I found myself saying: "I frigarnoi love joY." I use the word frigaroni when I really mean it.....and I really mean it!

I love joY as in being happy and I love joY as in this name I have given my Yoga business, even though I don't know quite what it all means yet. Nonetheless, I know it's going to be joYful and it already has been, mostly because of you reading this. You have offered so much support in only the few short days I have had this website, this blog, this idea, this dream, this goal.....this joY!

You fill me with gratitude which gives me so much more joY! Thank you.

So, I want to end with a list of some random things that give me joY and ask you to leave a few yourself - either here or on my personal facebook page or on the joY facebook page.

Let's spread the frigaroni joY!

A Random List of joY


my husband

our hardwood floor

Pecan Pie the naughty-ass kitten

Lollie Joy (notice her middle name) the good cat



salad dressing (what? i love salad dressing!)

cookie dough

people who hold doors for me


when the heat comes on

a paycheck

making others laugh


knee socks

and on and on and on and on.........

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