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Often in life, we have to say goodbye. I had to do that today. I said goodbye to people I care for and a process I have been in for the last five months. I said goodbye to even more than that too, but it's difficult to explain here. Those who shared this goodbye with me know. Everyone else - you know all about your own goodbyes and even though none of them are exactly the same - they have one thing in common.

They are difficult.

Our goodbyes may be sudden or they may be planned. They may be desired or we may not want to say goodbye at all. You may have to say goodbye to a loved one as he or she leaves this earth. You may have to say goodbye to a person who just can't give you what you need. You may have to say goodbye to a home that has grown too small. You may have to say goodbye to a pet or a special item or an idea or a phase in life. So many times you will have to say goodbye and no matter how they come, goodbyes are always hard.

Give your heart time. It will heal. Until then, let yourself feel the sorrow and disappointment of the end. Don't try to block that. It is part of the goodbye. In time though, open your heart to a new beginning. If that doesn't happen, ask for help. Ask for help and one of us will come and help you so that you do not get stuck. You can get stuck in goodbye and that is no place for you.

Say goodbye as many times as you need to, but no matter how often you look back, always then turn your attention forward. Be grateful that you had what you had and curious about where you will go next.

Saying goodbye is really an opportunity to welcome something new into your life, something that is waiting for you.

Love is waiting.

So is joY.

Jeannette Maloy



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