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How often do you find yourself holding regret....twisting and turning it in your hands so that you can see your mistakes and make your judgments from every angle? Are you holding something from yesterday, last week, years ago? Do you know that it is time to let it go, that no matter how you doubt yourself and punish yourself and wish for your choices to be different, that time remains the same.

But that time also remains finished. It is not now. And it is not yours to hold.

It simply is not.

So speak your truth. To whomever needs to hear it, speak your truth and make your peace and then leave it. You must leave it. And you must know that if you had been able to do it differently or better you would have. It was not available to you at that time. You chose from the only choices you had and now, you will choose from all of the new ones you've found.

You will choose new.

And you will go forward with love for the person you were, the person who did the best she could with all she had.

And you will know without a doubt . . . that you are forgiven.

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