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I read this today at the end of a yoga class.

And I was asked to share it. So here it is.

Many of the great leaders and teachers before us have known about a super power we have.

They've known and they've tried to share it with us.

They've tried, but we don't always listen.

So. Maybe. Let's get very still and quiet and really hear.

Hear it whisper to you that your super power is:


That is your super power. And when you realize your deep connectedness to all things - your mother and your child and the birds and a seed and the ocean and an old woman living on top of a mountain - your sense of limits and loneliness and constriction and uselessness will diminish. You will know a truth and that truth is that we are all allowed to be here.

Every living thing is allowed to be here and to not only decrease much suffering, but to thrive.

And when you open your heart, compassion grows.

And it opens your mind, which opens your heart.

And your compassion grows.

And it knows no end.

Weakness becomes strength and hard becomes soft and boundaries become open and fear becomes curiosity and we realize that we are greater when those around us are great and that when those around us are great . . .

We are greater.

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