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Walk Away

Just a few moments ago, I read the following words,

written by Irasna Rising in her article titled:

Why I left Yoga and Why I Think a Helluva Lot of People are Being Duped

"Yoga can become cultic—very quickly—and the levels of

self-absorption and narcissism

can sky rocket easily

if you don’t watch it."

. . . the levels of self-absorption and narcissism not only in instructors,

but in those attending Yoga classes too. I've seen it. I've felt it.

I've been it too.

I've been self-absorbed and narcissistic

when it comes to Yoga.

Fortunately, I've caught myself every time,

before I became totally unconscious

and drawn into the trendy, inauthentic and unintentional world

that our culture is so widely, and so sadly,

known for.

Be better than this.

Be intentional.

Be authentic.

. . . and do not be a part of any Yoga that isn't, because in the end:

You don't even need a Yoga studio to practice Yoga.

I know saying that is bad for business, but it is also true.

Just like you don't need a church to pray to your god,

you don't need a studio to practice YOUR Yoga.

We go there because we want genuine leaders

who will nurture and inspire, care and comfort,

who will encourage us to be our best selves

and who know that they too are still practicing . . .

to be their best selves.

If you are not finding that where you practice . . . walk away.

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