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I read this tonight, at the end of my Yoga class.

As we were leaving, someone asked me for it.

So - I am posting it here.

If ONE person needs it,

MANY need it.


Do you know that it is not forgetting that heals you, but remembering.

Do you know that it is not so much the injury that causes all the pain,

but rather - the process of getting well.

Getting well takes time. It takes remembering.

Remember the things in your life that cause you grief

and how that grief feels,

so that you can do your best

not to repeat it.

Remember, because remembering, and not forgetting, is what heals.

If it hurts, feels really uncomfortable for a while,

it could be that you are moving

out of the old and into the new.

You could be healing.

Wounds are closing and you are remembering . . . and all of this hurts.

It will be OK in the end though. Healing always is.

So, if it is not OK, it is just not the end.

Remember that.

Jeannette Maloy

joY Yoga

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