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April 27, 2014

What do you think it would feel like to lie on your back on the cool floor on top of a Yoga mat and just be?


Be quiet.

Be still.

Be calm.

Be rested.

Be yourself.

Be ready.


What do you think it would feel like to be given time to just create a positive intention for yourself, to think about what you need and what you want and what you deserve . . . and then more time to focus on it?


What do you think it would feel like to just get a chance to notice your breath; each inhale, each exhale?  Have you ever had time to do that, just notice your breath? Do you need more of it?  Yes.  You need a lot more of it, time to just notice your breath, how soft and filling and pure it is and how it can bring you more than just life, but peace too.


What do you think it would feel like to have these wonderful moments interrupted only by the words of a gentle meditation that makes you stop and wonder, that touches your heart and helps you move closer to your best self?


What do you think it would feel like, just then, to hear uplifting music and smell healing scents and feel gentle touch at your brow or maybe the back of your neck or the base of your spine?


Can you imagine this?  


Can you also imagine what it would feel like to get up from the mat and warm your body through movements that feel like a dance, movements that awaken and challenge your muscles, loosen them, stretch them and strengthen them? 


What do you think it would it feel like to find balance and stability, not just in your body but in your mind and in your life?  


What do you think it would feel like to twist and fold and bend . . . push and reach and turn . . . close . . . then open again?


What do you think it would feel like to be invigorated, work hard, get tired . . .  then be given plenty of time to rest?  


. . . and while you rest: calming music in your ears, a cool cloth of lavender on your eyes, a gentle and soothing touch at your shoulders or maybe your feet.  


What do you think it would feel like to leave this space, already looking forward to coming back?


Find out.



joY Yoga's Summer Session

@ Perinton Rec Center







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