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Counter Crow

So I had this "great" idea to drive traffic to my website and blog. I said to myself:

"Oh I know! I'll post a picture every week of "Yoga in Strange Places."

That'll be fun and interesting and maybe generate activity on the joY website."

I did not say to myself:

"Oh I know! I'll get all pissed off and annoyed and think Yoga sucks and so do I."

I've recently learned to master crow - to get into it with ease and to stay in it as long as I want, until I decide to place my feet back on the ground and be done. Isn't that always the best? When YOU get to decide things for yourself.

So, I figured: I'll do Crow on the counter and take a picture and it'll be a fun first in a unique and wonderful series.

Well, I can't do Crow without gazing forward and I couldn't tolerate gazing forward because all I could see was the edge of the counter and it was freaking me out. So I didn't look ahead, and kept falling back! Damn it. I don't want to fall. I want to get into it with ease and stay in it as long as I want.

Do you get the symbolism?

Finally I just said "Fuck it. I'm looking ahead and I'll do the best I can."

I was still scared of the edge and pissed for being scared (Do you see the look of fear and annoyance in my eyes? Do you also continue to get the symbolism?), but I did look at it and I did get into a decent Crow on the Counter. I couldn't stay long, still freaked out by not being in my comfort zone - Yoga mat on a studio floor - but I'm OK with that. Sort of.

There's always next time . . .

. . . like in the morning at breakfast!

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