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Off The Mat

This was the hardest tree pose I've ever gotten into, harder by far than the very first time I ever even tried tree pose - fifteen years ago. In fact, that first one was simple and I think every single one since that day has been just that: simple.

This one was not. It was really challenging, and I was surprised. I love it when Yoga does that....surprises you. I love it when life does that too.

I needed this surprise. I really needed to wake up a little to how beautiful Yoga is, and life too.

First, I've never done tree pose in a bikini. I was self conscious. I wanted to document this monent but then again I didn't because I wasn't sure it would look good enough and I was working through that as I stood there trying to move into the pose. Quickly though, I came to the conclusion that I can't be bothered anymore with the fact that my body isn't perfect. Some day I will look back and only be able to wish I looked like this again. I'm going to enjoy it now.

Second, my foot was in a little groove in this fallen tree trunk.....


I was really excited to be doing Tree Pose on a TREE trunk. It was messing with my concentration, the amazingness of it. That's a great reason to be wobbly isn't it; because you are so excited! I'll take wobbly any day if it gives me this much joY!

Plus, like I said, my foot was in a groove. I couldn't find a flat spot. We are used to practicing on a flat surface....practicing Yoga and often - practicing life.

What do you do when you can't find any even ground? I learned here, that you work with what ya got. You do the best you can.

Then there were the waves crashing against "my mat." Again, I was excited and awed by this. I was standing on a fallen tree at the edge of the ocean and the waves were rushing toward me and I haven't experienced that - EVER before.

Again, wobbly with joY. I'll take it.

I'm not sure if those waves actually, ever so slightly, really shook the trunk of my tree, or if I just thought so, but either way - it made me come out of my first attempt and start over. Thank goodness we can always start again. You don't ever have to settle for your first try.

Overall, this was pretty difficult and it didn't last long, and my form isn't what it usually is but it's by far the most beautiful Tree Pose I've ever experienced.

I love being on my Yoga mat. It's like another home. I am so relieved to know though, that maybe because I spend so much time on it, now I can find what I need, perhaps more, even off the mat!

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