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Mars & Venus

I'm sure we could all supply an endless list of things that separate men and women, make them so unique in their thinking and approaches to the world. In that case, I won't tell you what you could tell me yourself. Instead, I will maybe entertain you with the following list of dissimilarities that have emerged as my husband I approach our five year wedding anniversary and plan to celebrate it in the Mayan Riveria of Mexico!

-I call this vacation a vow renewal.

-He has a very different name for it. He calls it a vacation.

-I printed the vows we spoke on our wedding day five years ago and I have a pretty book I plan to put them in so we can read them to eachother on the beach in Mexico. I have also written something new that I will read to him that day and I am going to ask him to do the same.

-He doesn't yet know anything about the above two sentences.

-I bought a dress especially to wear on the day we renew our vows.

-He thinks we can share a suitcase and also make it small enough to carry on the plane.

-Two months ago, I hired a Mexican photographer to take photos of us renewing our vows on the beach.

-He asked why a member of the hotel staff couldn't just take pictures with one of our phones.

-We were married on February 13, 2009. I started planning this vow renewal on February 14, 2009.

-He said something insensitive about it being ridiculous to plan a five year anniversary when we had only been married for 18 hours.

-I have our wedding song downloaded so that we can dance to it on the beach.

-He is probably not going to like that.

-I started packing last week.

-He will pack an hour before we leave.

-I'm already planning something for our ten year anniversary.

-He is probably not going to show up.

-I have a Plan B.

Jeannette Maloy

joY Yoga

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