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I wrote this for a special private Yoga session I did yesterday - on my birthday. There were only two students in the class: my mom and my dad. Yup, it was just the three of us, as it was on the day I was born.

LIVE An American author wrote: Everyone should be so lucky as to remember being born....the shock of cold air, the sting of oxygen into new lungs. She said, it doesn’t seem fair that we don’t recall.

You may not recall another truth either, or maybe you were never told, but on the day you were born you were granted one very important right that you should never forget. You were granted the right to be here and to live joyfully. Live. Joyfully. Really, if you are not living joyfully, why are you living?

Our lives are meant to be joyful, but so much happens to us to block that joy, and we block it ourselves too. It seems hard to be happy, difficult to just be at ease.....full of joy. Here is some good news though. It really can be easier.

It is as simple as making some decisions and the first one is: I have decided to live joyfully.

I will forgive. I will let go. I will move on. I will love. I will accept. I will stop resisting things as they happen and either change them or walk away. I will not resist because resisting blocks joy. I don’t want to block my joy.

I want to LIVE!

by Jeannette Maloy



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