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Reach for joY

What are you reaching for....right now? Is it something that fits you, something that serves you well? If it's not, why are you reaching for it?

Is it your pencil? Are you reaching for your pencil so you can write in one more thing on your calendar, and then run around a little bit more - stressed and tired and not experiencing joY? I'm not doing that anymore. You might not want to either. Erase it.

Is it your wallet? Are you reaching for your wallet so you can buy something that you think will make you happy, only to realize later that lasting happiness really does not come from things with price tags? Ugh, me too! If you buy something WITH happiness, but not to GET happiness, then that is money well spent.

Is it your phone? Are you reaching for your phone when you're driving so that you can answer a text that isn't even that important? I've done that too. Stop it. The damn text can wait. Your life can't.

What else? What else are you reaching for? Does it hurt? It shouldn't hurt.

There is really only one thing you need to reach for every day and you have the right to do so. It's joY. All you have to do is reach for joY. If it doesn't bring you joY......change your reach!

by Jeannette Maloy




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