November 30, 2019

10:00 - 11:00am

Please arrive about 5-10 minutes before 10:00.

We have mats you are welcome to borrow 

if you do not have your own.









Please stay tuned to this website or contact 

Jeannette any time at

for special events with joY!





By Appointment

Private joY Yoga Yoga and Meditation

Contact Jeannette

or call/text

(585) 770-4439

Private Reiki Treatments

See the "More joY" tab.

Click "Reiki."

There will not be regularly scheduled classes on major holidays. 




See our "Where is joY" page to find out about other

joY Yoga and Meditation opportunities such as

private, group, corporate and donation-based programs


When can YOU practice joY?


Special Private Sessions:

the morning of a wedding

on your birthday

before girls night out 

on mother's day

on your anniversary

on Valentine's Day

after a move

before a big game

on your graduation day

upon starting a new job

when you retire 

many other special times......


Any day is right for joY!

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