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Below is a simplified explanation of this beautifully relaxing and healing treatment that is hard to put into words, and is now being offered by joY. We truly hope that you will consider this experience as part of your ongoing wellness. We’d be honored to share this with you.


Simply stated, Reiki is an old and transformative method of hands on (and/or hands hovering) healing. It was developed in Japan during the early 1900s by a doctor who understood that your body, mind and spirit are all vital entities of your total being. 

Body     Mind    Spirit


Loosely translated, Reiki means “universal life force energy.” This energy, possessed by all of us, is transferred through the practitioner’s hands, and other energy fields, to the client, and often even back and forth between us. In addition, a Reiki practitioner has your best interest in mind and spirit when working with you and is transferring healing intentions to you at all times. Your practitioner may even silently speak purposeful and nurturing words during your session, improving the already well-meaning flow of energy. 


During a Reiki session, you will experience hands on your body or hovering above your body, and these placements will mostly align with each of your seven chakras. The chakras are believed to hold different forms of your life force energy. The Reiki touch is meant to help this energy flow in healthy ways throughout your body so that you can experience more of the peace and joY your life is meant to be.  


With a skilled practitioner, Reiki will, at the very least, bring you an intense level of relaxation that leads to a more calm body and mind. This relaxation of the body can lead to tremendous physical benefits (limited list below) and can leave the mind more open to joYful experiences. At most, Reiki (and particularly regular treatments, monthly or bimonthly) can create lasting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual relief that can lead to noticeably improved well-being and quality of life. Reiki can allow you to test the beliefs and habits that might be restricting your success, connectedness, vitality, resilience, enjoYment and more, so that you can improve circumstances in your life. Furthermore, Reiki can release trauma held in your body and mind and open your heart and soul to more joY for yourself and others. 


SOME Benefits Achieved With Reiki Healing:

  • deep relaxation 

  • immediate stress reduction 

  • long-term stress relief over time

  • reduced blood pressure

  • improved heart rate

  • increased blood flow

  • better sleep

  • aids in chronic issues such as headaches, body aches, upset stomach, sleeplessness, anxiety, etc.

  • improved function of bodily systems (ie: endocrine, immune, digestive…) 

  • increased energy

  • aids in emotional clarity

  • supports spiritual growth 

  • provides opportunity for mindfulness leading to gratitude, joY, etc.

  • promotes release of regrets

  • assists in forgiveness for yourself and others

  • helps align values with actions

  • empowerment

  • creates connection between your human form and the universe/higher power



Reiki sessions take place in a climate controlled area where recipients are fully clothed and lying on a treatment table or comfortable floor space. A blanket(s) is applied to your body in an effort toward nurturing, and a scented eye pillow is used for drawing you inward during the session. You can expect soothing music throughout and various forms of aromatherapy.


Reiki Healing Format: 

Approximately 60 minutes

  • 5-10 minutes: Discussion between practitioner and client to assess client needs

  • about 5 minutes: Guided Meditation

  • at least 30 minutes: Reiki Healing Session 

  • at least 2 minutes: Client left alone to transition privately out of Reiki session

  • 5-10 minutes: Discussion with practitioner if desired by client


Following your Reiki healing session, drink plenty of water and try to provide time to care for yourself.  You may feel the need to rest or you may feel full of energy. As best you can, allow some attention to whatever you need. This will enhance the benefits of your session.


When should you plan a Reiki Healing Session?

  • When you are ill or injured

  • When you are anxious

  • When you are depressed

  • When you are tired/exhausted

  • When you are confused or trying to make a difficult decision

  • When you are angry or frustrated over things that seem out of your control

  • When you are emotionally hurt or feeling unstable

  • When you need spiritual guidance, a deeper connection to a higher power

  • When you doubt yourself or your worth

  • When you are going through a difficult transition

  • When you need to let go of that which does not serve your well being

  • Under many other troubling circumstances and just....ANY TIME!


Reiki Healing Session: $50.00


Scheduling Your Session: Whitetail Drive, Canandaigua, NY

  • Contact Jeannette at 585 770-4439 (text or call).

  • Contact Jeannette at

  • In your contact, indicate preferred day and time.

  • Pay in full to reserve your session (either here or ask for address to mail payment).

  • We hope you will not need to cancel but payment from a cancelled session can be applied in full to a rescheduled session or any other joY event or service.  

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